Energy and Lifting

On the bottom floor of the Science Center, everything revolves around the theme of energy and lifting. Hands-on experiments make it easier to understand the law of the lever, a large hydraulic lift makes it possible to float through the room effortlessly while we also learn about the technology of hydraulic power transmission.

Another major theme is the generation of electricity from water power and solar energy. How do turbines work? How can we produce electricity from generators? Different solar energy experiments offer insight into the technology of photovoltaics. And the water experiment area invites us to get our hands wet, raise and dam water, and discover the incredible power that lies hidden in water.

Acoustics and Music

The first floor of the Scence Center is devoted to the phenomena of acoustics. From the wave nature of sound to the exploration sounds and noises and the transfer of sound to the human ear, here visitors can explore everything relating to the theme of sound.

A special highlight is the “Feel Mozart” area: with a violin you can actually walk on, the vibrations of music can be not only heard, but also felt. Why not try out a few experiments with your own voice?

In the Target Singing area, you can check if you’ve hit all the right notes. And finally, in the screaming cabin you can test out the volume of your own voice.

Physics and Technology

The second floor of the Science Center offers a myriad of experiments in physics, technology, and mathematics. Simple experiments provide confirmation of great natural laws: build a bridge and then test it out right away, launch a rocket using compressed air, make a ball float as if by magic, feel the aerodynamic lift with your own body. . . here you’ll learn what forces are capable of doing!

Questions come up and are answered by doing experiments. How do the fastest and slowest gears work? Why is fine powder used for cement and coffee? Nothing compares to experiencing it for yourself!

Body and Fitness

Also on the second floor, a large area of the Science Center is devoted to the dexterity, movement, and health of the human body. Our own body is the focus here with simple experiments and athletic contests.

For example, a pair of original skis belonging to world champion Michael Walchhofer are waiting to test the balance of rising talents – just make sure not to catch an edge! With the ski jump simulator, you’ll test out the interplay between take-off power and reaction, watching the movements of your own skeleton while burning plenty of calories in the process. Dexterity is called for on the wheelchair course, where you’ll experience with your own body what it’s like to live with a physical disability.