The VEGA observatory Haus der Natur is open to all interested visitors with a colourful range of events. Telescopic guided tours take place every Monday evening, weather permitting. Anyone who is interested can visit the observatory on these evenings free of charge and without advance reservation, in order to look into the vastness of space with their own eyes. In addition to this offer, you can book exclusive special tours - more on this can be found below.
Special tours on special astronomical events such as lunar or solar eclipses, special planetary positions, the appearance of the Perseids or Geminids will be announced in good time.

May to August: 10 pm
Admission: 10 minutes before the start. Please arrive on time!

Please check the calendar below to see if the guided tour is taking place or has been cancelled due to weather conditions. Cancellation takes place about 4 hours before the tour. (Red = cancelled, green = takes place)

Parking is available at the "Zur Kaiserbuche" guesthouse. From there it is about 200 metres on foot.

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