Keeping live animals is useful for many purposes. Firstly, visitors can observe exotic and local living creatures up close in environments designed to be lifelike. While getting to know their behavior and needs, at the same time we realize the importance of protecting them. In addition, an essential function is the preservation and successful breeding of species whose continued survival in the wilderness is not guaranteed.

The diverse underwater world of the Aquarium includes creatures ranging from the graceful to the bizarre. Each tank forms a living ecosystem that is a faithful reproduction of the creatures’ natural habitats. This aquarium thus stands out for its lifelike quality and animal interactions that occur just as they do in nature.

The 38 display tanks, the largest of which is nearly 60,000 liters, is home to animals from tropical coral reefs, the Mediterranean, waters from Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, and last but not least, local rivers and lakes. The aquarium is a place of observation that will captivate you with its incredible beauty, diversity, and the extraordinary behaviors of its inhabitants.

The lifelike terrariums at the Reptile Zoo offer a close-up glimpse without forgetting the needs of their inhabitants. Bearded dragons, Gila monsters, and green mambas can usually be spotted among the leaves or on branches, but they also have enough space to withdraw from time to time.

At the Reptile Zoo, you’ll encounter representatives from almost all the reptile orders. Whether it’s an alligator or a poisonous snake, a turtle or an iguana – at the Reptile Zoo you’ll get to know the behaviors and way of living of these fascinating animals. Many people may find reptiles strange, frightening, and a bit creepy. But when we know more about them, this attitude usually changes very quickly.

We are rebuilding! From 7 November 2022 until the end of 2023, the doors to our reptile zoo will be closed. We ask for your understanding.