Archive of the province of Salzburg

In collaboration with the nature conservation division of the province of Salzburg, the Haus der Natur maintains an extensive database documenting the animal and plant species of the province. The database is being continually expanded and includes over 1,400,000 records to date containing detailed information about the biodiversity and distribution of many groups of animals, fungi and plants. Special attention is given to the endangered species, threatened habitats, and protected areas in the province.

In addition to data from literature and the museum's collection, the database mainly contains observational data collected by members of the scientific workgroups at the museum.

The biodiversity database is part of the international gbif network and can also be accessed online.

Archive for High Tauern National Park

In addition, on behalf of High Tauern National Park and in close collaboration with the national park administrations of Kärnten, Salzburg, and Tirol, the Haus der Natur also maintains an extensive database documenting the animal and plant species of the High Tauern.

The database contains detailed information about the distribution, biology, and ecology as well as the prevalence of all the animals and plants in the national park’s central zone, outer zone, and surroundings. Special attention is given to the characteristic species and habitats of the Alps, many of which are also endangered.

Data collection with

Thanks to the cooperation with, observation data for Salzburg and the National Park can be recorded directly by mobile phone in the field and transferred to the biodiversity database. Observations with images or sound recordings are checked and validated by experts.

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