There are many protected natural areas in the province of Salzburg. Large conservation areas like High Tauern National Park or the Weissenbach and Riedingtal national parks have their own administration. In order to ensure professional staffing for smaller and medium-sized conservation areas, the Conservation Area Support Project was launched in 2007 by the Haus der Natur and Salzburg government.

Two conservation area staff members are now employed at the Haus der Natur. They form an interface between official nature conservation and the different interest and user groups in selected areas in Flachgau and Tennengau. Their tasks range from implementing management and conservation plans to providing consultation and assistance for associations and land managers, as well as measures to increase acceptance and public relations.

Conservation area staff FlachgauElisabeth Ortner, MSc

telephone +43 662 842653 3303


Conservation area staff Tennengau and PongauJohannes Reitsamer, MA rer.nat.

telephone +43 664 88183110


Conservation area staff SalzachauenRosanna Scriba, MSc

telephone +43 664 88158170